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Nikole Hannah-Jones appeared on Meet the Press to discuss Critical Race Theory with Chuck Todd. During this interview, Chuck Todd makes a cringe mistake with his use of the "parent" when identifying white parents and uses "parents of color" when identifying parents of color. Nikole corrects Chuck about his framing. But this brings up a larger issue of how we see race in the United States. Do we have a tendency to see "white" as the default? Sabby uses her diversity, equity and inclusion background to discuss the problem. 

Two passengers get into a brawl onboard a Delta airlines flight from Tampa to Atlanta, over masks. Who is in the right in this situation? Will the female passenger face serious consequences? Are we divided on the covid restrictions and why?

Republican representative Nicole Malliotakis explains how Republicans are blocking police reform, in a recent interview on Fox News. She says the quiet part aloud that Republicans want police to continue to have qualified immunity. Why would anyone want a group to be above the law? After the George Floyd incident, have we truly learned anything?

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