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After testing positive for Covid, Colin Powell passes away. Questions arise about whether he died from Covid or previous health conditions. But there are also debates about his legacy as Secretary of State. After recent comments by CNN and MSNBC, gloss over his war tactics, Donald Trump issues a statement criticizing Colin Powell's decisions as Secretary of State. Is Donald Trump correct? And why are liberal mainstream media outlets refusing to mention warmongering behavior?

Meghan McCain has come out against the women of The View in a recent interview. Meghan claims she was treated unfairly, even after she returned from giving birth to her daughter. Was Meghan McCain ostracized from Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar or is Meghan playing the victim? 

After deciding to leave the New York Times, Bari Weiss has an interview on CNN about her departure. She questions journalistic integrity of mainstream media and in doing so, she also calls out CNN about their poor journalistic practices. Does CNN have a problem with the narrative they tell their viewers?

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