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Cornel West and Glenn Greenwald recently participated in the Holberg debate. The topic this year was identity politics. Glenn Greenwald argues that diversity should not just include racial diversity but also diversity among class. Cornel West discusses the importance of representation and having different voices at the table. Do we have a problem with having diversity on the surface? When we have diversity, is there a tendency to focus solely on that representation and not the issues presented? Sabby discusses the class divide and how we can address it.

CNN has officially fired commentator Chris Cuomo over new allegations. What did Chris do and what new evidence does the network have that finally made them can Chris Cuomo?

Mark Cuban has bought a town in Texas. But why? What does he plan to do with this town? Should we be concerned over elites like Bill Gates and Mark Cuban buying up all this land during a pandemic?

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A police officer attacks a man in a grocery store and customers capture this altercation on video. This incident takes place in Minnesota. Why is there no statement from Amy Klobuchar? 

Sabby dives into these stories in this news segment.