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Even after Barack Obama's appearance in Virginia and support for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, Democrats still lost Virginia; a state that turned blue under Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Did Obama's appearance in Virginia help or hurt Terry McAuliffe? Did critical race theory cause more people to vote for the Republican candidate? Or are people just tired of Democrats not serving their communities?

Richard Wolff's recent appearance on Jimmy Dore's show has sparked controversy over the discussion of unemployment linked to vaccine mandates. There is a rise of labor strikes happening across the country because workers are tired of being exploited. But are the mandates also causing people to leave their employers as well? Is Richard Wolff correct? And what impact will this have on the future of the American economy?

Michelle Wu has officially won the mayoral race in Boston, MA. She is the first female and person of color to become mayor in Boston. Will Michelle's policies help bridge the racial divide in Boston? 

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