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AOC votes present for the Iron Dome and then cries afterward, but some people aren't buying her tears. Glenn Greenwald is not falling for AOC's theatrics. He goes into detail about why this vote for the Iron Dome is problematic. Is AOC genuinely sorry for her vote for the Iron Dome? Or is this just more performative measures from the NYC progressive ?

CNN commentator Chris Cuomo is under fire after sexual harassment allegations. It was just a few months ago that his brother Andrew Cuomo resigned from sexual harassment allegations. Many are starting to wonder if this behavior runs in the Cuomo family. Is he guilty, like his brother? Will Chris Cuomo resign from CNN? 

Harvard Business School has made a surprising announcement that one of it's premier academic programs, is moving fully online, due to an rapid increase in Covid numbers. Is the future for Harvard Business Will they continue this in the future or will the they resume back to in person instruction? What is the future of higher ed post Covid?

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