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The View's co-host Ana Navarro publicly calls for the DOJ to investigate Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard...for telling the truth about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, Ana's statement is rather hypocritical, consider her past. Glenn Greenwald calls out Ana Navarro on Twitter, revealing the problems with her statement and her concerning past. Should Tucker and Tulsi be silenced? What happened to freedom of speech? 

Kim Iversen was the newest target of YouTube's censorship of left independent media. The commentator recently received a suspension on YouTube, nearly one week after being The Hill's Rising suspension on YouTube as well. What did Kim say that caused such a harsh punishment from the platform? Has Kim become a target of YouTube censorship? 

Sam Seder, co-host of the Majority Report is not fond of Bill Maher's appearance on Ben Shapiro's show. The discussion of woke culture sends Sam into frustration about Bill Maher. While one can see both sides of this discussion, is Sam Seder being somewhat hypocritical here? What did Bill Maher say that made Sam so upset?

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