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The Freedom Convoy in Canada is receiving a lot of attention from the left and right-wing Americans. Some on the left, are questioning if this is a movement leftists should support. Twitch streamer Hasan Piker has come out against the Freedom Convoy due to right wing and Nazi participation. He even says on his stream, the police should brutalize the protesters. During a time when another unarmed black male has been murdered by police, why would Hasan think this comment is okay?  

AOC attends a DSA rally in Texas. And she is confronted by a audience member who challenges her on her vote for The Iron Dome. While the crowd boos him, he continues to challenge AOC on foreign policy. Is he correct? If so, why is the crowd booing him?

Nancy Pelosi is challenging Cori Bush on defund the police. Pelosi has stated that defund the police is not welcomed by the Democratic party. If this is the case, why is the squad not standing behind Cori Bush?

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