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Jimmy Dore stops by Tucker Carlson Today for a deep discussion about the current state of the economy and the what Trump and Biden supporters really wanted. Jimmy breaks down the real reason voters are angry and how implementing certain policy measures could help Americans and the economy at the same time. What does Tucker think about Jimmy's rationale? Is there a chance the two of them could agree on policy?

Susan Sarandon is under fire for recent comments she has made surrounding an NYPD funeral procession. After numerous attacks from residents and the NYPD, Susan has apologized for her comments. But what exactly did Susan say that made some people so angry with her? And was apologizing the right thing to do? Some...are saying no.

Black Mirror, one of the more controversial shows on Netflix dives into the future of technology. While Black Mirror shows the pros and cons of tech in the future, is has made some Black Mirror actually happening to us right now? And if so, how? What technologies should be concerned about?

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