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As the house moves to pass the Infrastructure bill, Joe Manchin has come out against the bill. Senator Joe Manchin has been in talks with Bernie Sanders about the bill and has serious concerns about the dollar amounts in the bill and how it will impact inflation. During the midst of a pandemic, what is more important, inflation or the helping the American people? Will Joe Manchin prevent the bill from passing? Or will Bernie Sanders convince him to change his mind?

Roland Harris and Chris Christie have a heated argument over the morality of the Republican party with their support for former President Donald Trump. Sabby points out the hypocrisy of both the Democratic party and the Republican party when it comes to morality. Is voting for Joe Biden any better than voting for Donald Trump, when looking at morality?

A previous debate about socialism between Russell Brand and Candace Owens have resurfaced. What does Candace Owens get wrong about socialism? Does Russell Brand prove his point about her hypocrisy? 

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