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In this Sabby Sabs news segment, Sabby covers Krystal Ball's interview with Bernie Sanders, Glen Ford from Black Agenda Report passes away and another cop incident with an unarmed African American. 

Sabby dives in to the interview with Bernie and Krystal Ball and focuses on Bernie Sanders praising on Joe Biden's job as president. Krystal Ball pushes back on Bernie Sanders. Did she push back enough? Has Bernie falling prey to the Democratic Party narrative? 

As the news of Glen Ford's passing is announced, Sabby explains the significance of Glen Ford's voice and why the journalism Black Agenda report is doing, is so incredibility important. 

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A viral video on Twitter shows a police officer tackling an unarmed African American teenage girl, while her mother pleads with the officer to let her daughter go. Sabby explains the problem with race in the criminal justice system and injustice African Americans face at the hands of the police.