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Some of the leftists commentators have been moving closer to establishment Democrat talking points and Kyle Kulinski, is one of them. In a recent tweet, Kyle expresses his fear of Trump winning again. This message comes across as a fear tactic to get people to continue to vote for Democrats including Joe Biden in 2024, even though Democrats are not helping the working class. Sabby explains the problems with Joe Biden and the Democratic party. And the question remains, should we continue to stay in the duopoly? 

Pramila Jayapal is caught lying about the reason for the decrease in unemployment on Twitter and heavily criticized for pretending the decrease is due to an increase in jobs. Sabby points out the real reason the unemployment rate has drastically decreased. The question is, why did Jayapal not mention it?

Hillary Clinton is back. And this time, she's criticizing Americans for not understanding Joe Biden's accomplishments. Her remarks are calling some to wonder, if she will run again. Should Hillary Clinton run again? And when will she learn to how to speak to the average American?

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