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It's not uncommon for independent media commentators to experience a decline in viewership on YouTube. But is there a real sense of suppression for indie media overall? Kyle Kulinksi, host of Secular Talk has recently come out about his own experience with YouTube suppression. But is his decline in viewership solely due to suppression? Sabby and JB explain other factors that are contributing to his decline in views.

Sam Seder, host of the Majority Report, is attacking Joe Rogan for his lack of responsibility over topics covered on his podcast. Recently Rogan has been heavily criticized for his coverage on Covid vaccines. Although Rogan has medical professionals express their views about the pandemic, some media personalities like Sam Seder, don't feel this is enough. How can an indie media host like Sam, call for censorship? Is Sam correct in his analysis?

Jim Clyburn has announced his pick for Supreme Court Justice and has received agreements from Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott. Clyburn feel Michelle Childs would be the best pick for this seat. But who is Michelle Childs and why should we be concerned about her record?

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