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Arizona's democratic party has publicly announced that they are not happy with Kyrsten Sinema's performance in Congress, so much so that they have decided to censure Kyrsten Sinema. The news comes as Kyrsten Sinema has decided not to support changes to the filibuster, a measure put forth by Joe Biden in an effort to help the Voting Rights bill pass in the Senate. Will Kyrsten Sinema run again, or is her career as a politician doomed? Is Sinema the real problem or is she merely a rotating villain? 

Joe Biden has announced the US government has supplied lethal aid to Ukraine, in light of recent events at the Ukraine/Russia border. US troops are also on standby if Russia decides to invade Ukraine. Russia has said they do not plan to invade Ukraine. Does the United States have the right to intervene in this ordeal? What resources does Ukraine and Russia have that would prompt the US to get involved? How does Sabby feel about war and imperialism? 

Justice Democrats candidates from 2018 and 2020 elections touted that they ran on grassroots donations. But new documents show otherwise. Where did grassroots donations to Justice Dems go and who else has been funding this organization?

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