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Nick Brana, leader of Movement for a People's Party has been has come under fire for sexual harassment allegations. This allegation adds to a list of complaints from volunteers and board members about Nick Brana's leadership at MPP. Sabby sits down with Nick to ask him these new allegations and previous allegations from volunteers about their removal from MPP. Why did Nick Brana remove board members and volunteers? And more importantly, is it time for Nick Brana to leave MPP?

Breaking Points discusses the crisis in Ukraine and Russia, and unfortunately gives incorrect details about this ordeal. When it comes to the economic conditions in Ukraine and Russia, who is more at risk? How does Breaking Points audience feel about sanctions Russia? The results may surprise you. 

Chris Smalls, activist and organizer for Amazon protests has been arrested while sitting outside of an Amazon facility in Staten Island. Why was Chris arrested? Does NYPD have a target on Chris Smalls and Amazon protesters?

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