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Nina Turner has officially lost to her opponent...Shontell Brown. And there is a lot of blame to go around, but are we blaming the right people? 

Misty from MCSC network and Killjoy Meg join Sabby to break down the details of Nina Turner's campaign. As a progressive candidate, Nina Turner was on the radar of the Democratic establishment. Unlike the progressives who came before her, AOC and other members of the squad, Nina's campaign did not lead to victory. Some would argue that Nina's connection to Bernie Sanders campaign should have catapulted her to victory. So what went wrong? 

Did Nina Turner run a good campaign? Should we blame the dark money given to Shontell Brown as the only reason for Nina's lost? Or were there flaws with Nina's campaign? Killjoy Meg, Misty and Sabbu dive into all of this and more, plus a special announcement from Revolutionary Blackout Network (formerly know as FHL).

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