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Ro Khanna is not having a good week in the press and social media. After tweeting a cringe statement, making excuses for sanctions, he is ratioed on Twitter by progressives. Journalist Rania Khalek also responds to Ro Khanna. She explains why his statement is flawed and goes into details of what happens under sanctions imposed by the United States government. What exactly did Ro Khanna say and why is it so problematic, especially coming from someone who considers their self to be a progressive?

Julius Jones has been in prison for over 20 years on death row. Julius execution is scheduled for this week, even though there is evidence that conflicts with his guilty verdict. Several protesters have gathered outside of the prison asking for the governor to cancel his execution. Will the governor grant their request? What can you do to help?

CNN and MSNBC have been criticizing Kamala Harris for her performance as Vice President and at the same time, praising Pete Buttigieg. Is the Democratic party trying to send a message to Kamala Harris? Come 2024, would they rather have Pete instead?

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