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Marianne Williamson and other female commentators host a livestream to fundraise for progressive candidates running for Congress for 2022. Even though this strategy of promoting progressive candidates has been done in the past, their a lot of their audience members were not happy with this strategy this time around. What was said during this stream that upset so many viewers? 

Nomiki Konst appeared on Fox News to discuss Democrats losing in 2022 and why this is problematic. Wokeism is mentioned as one of the primary reasons democrats are losing voters. But is this the real reason that voters are turning away from the Democratic party? What other policy issues may be at play here?

Jesse Ventura polled at 18% in the 2020 presidential race. Yet the Green Party chose to run Howie Hawkins. Why didn't Jesse run for president and was Howie a great candidate? A green party organizer joins Sabby to discuss what happened with the Green Party.

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