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What has happened to left independent media? After Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, there seemed to a change in rhetoric in left independent media; particularly the large leftist platforms. 

Leftists shows like The Young Turks, Secular Talk and Majority Report, have started to sound more like a lighter version of MSNBC. Preaching mainstream media talking points about Joe Biden's administration and continuing to defend the Democratic party and the progressives in Congress. These are the same channels that used to speak out against the Democratic establishment. But today, they spend more time focusing on criticizing conservatives and less attention on the mistakes of the Democratic party. 

Is class part of the issue? Sabby explains how wealthy elites can preach a leftist message but can also choose not to fight for leftist policies because they already have the things the rest of us are fighting for. The Young Turks, Hasan Piker, Kyle Kulinski and Sam Seder are all wealthy. At the end of the day, does class matter? Sabby discusses this with Blue Moon Red Wine and Rob Durden.

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