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Joe Biden has won the presidency and some leftists have gone back to brunch. They're content that Trump is no longer in office. And then there are those who are not satisfied with Biden or the squad's performance and still want to fight for the issues from the Bernie Sanders campaign. Luci from Blue Moon Red Wine, joins Sabby to discuss the current divide.

Sabby and Luci discuss how the squad refusing to use their leverage and vote as a block hurts the progressive movement. The most popular member of the squad, AOC, praising Joe Biden when he is not implementing campaign promises, is making some leftists use faith in Justice Democrats. They also discuss Glenn Greenwald definition of the rotating villain, as the reason why policies that help the American people are not getting passed. 

They dive into the class divide on the left and lack of urgency for elite leftists to continue to push for Bernie Sanders policies; and challenge the Biden administration to act. Should the left put more pressure on the squad and Joe Biden? Is it possible for the left to come together, now that Trump is gone?

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