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Dr. Karim Bettache and Peter Beattie having been teaching at the University of Hong Kong and the question life better abroad? Sabby, Peter and Karim observe education, healthcare, jobs and community in the United States and explore how it compares to countries abroad.

The education system in the US has been under a lot of scrutiny. Schools in the US continue to underperform when compared to schools in Europe and Asia, but why? Are resources a factor? Or does teacher pay have a stronger influence?

Imagine living in a country where no one has medical debt, because everyone has healthcare. Karim and Peter discuss the healthcare system in China and Europe and what it's like to walk into a hospital and leave without a bill. What is it like living in a country where everyone has healthcare? 

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Is there a lack of community in the United States? How well do we really know our neighbors? Peter and Karim discuss what community looks like abroad vs. the United States. 

And what about jobs? Is it easier to get jobs abroad? Are Americans more likely receive higher salaries abroad?

Sabby, Karim and Peter dive into these discussions and more.