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Sabby Sabs hosts a panel of new leftist commentators, The Vanguard, Jackson Hinkle & Franc Analysis to name a few. 

This panel dives into some of challenges they've faced as new commentators on YouTube; such as dealing with the new algorithm and censorship. Each hosts explains the theme of their show and why they decided to pursue leftist commentary. 

While giving kudos to some of the older leftists commentators, they also explain some the weaknesses of those shows (TYT, Majority Report, Secular Talk etc...) and the need for something new. This panel discusses what newer commentators are doing differently from the older shows. Shows like Revolutionary Blackout, Franc Analysis and The Vanguard continue to collaborate with other leftists commentators; while many of the older leftists shows choose to stay siloed. Is collaboration key for building a stronger community on the left? How does the new algorithm play a role in suppression on YouTube? What is the future for The New Left?

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