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There's been a lot of discussion about the term breadtube over the past year. But what exactly is breadtube and why is it problematic? Caleb Maupin, political analyst, speaker and author of Breadtube Serves Imperialism joins Sabby Sabs podcast to discuss this in more detail.

Although Caleb's book was published a few months ago, a recent GrayZone article by Max Blumenthal, reveals new developments about breadtube. The article reveals the connection between Abigail Thorn, creator and star of Philosophy Tube, Valent Projects and the Prince of Wales. Even though some of these creators claim to be democratic socialists, are they really? What messages are these creators spreading about imperialism to millions of YouTubers? How are these channels affected by the algorithm? 

This discussion leads to a broader question, what is real socialism and do we know the true history of socialism in the United States? How did revolutionaries like the Black Panthers and Martin Luther King Jr. embrace socialism? 

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Sabrina and Caleb discuss these topics and more in this segment.