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The Roundtable: Ukraine's Rocket Dilemma

Helping Ukraine neutralize Russia's rocket-and-missile advantage would invite escalation between NATO and Moscow.

The war in Ukraine has passed its three-month mark, and while media attention has dissipated, the conflict continues to rage on. A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the ongoing developments and their geopolitical and military implications. In this segment, they recap the role of weaponry in this phase of the war.

Kris Osborn explains that the war has shifted largely to an artillery confrontation, with Russia relying heavily on long-range weapons. The superpower's missile and rocket launchers continue to give it a significant advantage over Ukraine.

“Eastern Ukraine is more of an open area, a plateau,” he explains. “Should this become close-quarter combat, or something in an urban area, that would be a different equation that might favor the Ukrainians, given their success thus far with ambushes and hit-and-run style attacks.”

Osborn argues that providing Ukraine with rockets could significantly transform the current state of warfare.

“One of the big predicaments that the Ukrainians have had is falling prey to these indiscriminate rocket and missile attacks from the Russian side of the border,” he says, noting that Zelensky told CNN months ago that he needed a multiple-launch rocket system. “That's the opportunity to go after those launchers and save children's lives in Ukrainian cities from these rockets and missiles that the Russians are firing.”

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Kris Osborn, Cofounder, Warrior Maven

John Ruehl, Contributing Editor, Strategic Policy

Marco Vicenzino, Consultant, Global Strategy Project