Welcome to Roundtable

All sides represented, empowered, uncensored

What Is the Roundtable Network?

A decentralized, digital media platform that provides universal, granularly-targeted distribution, major-media monetization and world-class technical capabilities for the benefit of top, entrepreneurial, passionate journalists, activists, respected social influencers and major media brands – with a particular focus on news, politics, and blockchain/cryptocurrency.

Our partners will be free to publish, organize, educate, socialize, scrutinize and investigate without fear of censorship, retribution or audience suppression and will be financially rewarded for their brilliance and ability to grow audience, engagement and loyalty. 

The power of our platform comes from the unified energy and passion, generated by hundreds and eventually thousands of inspired, entrepreneurially-motivated, professional publishers and evangelists and their loyal followers – all sharing a single infrastructure.

It is Time

The world needs a better source of information.

We are here to empower and unify inspired evangelists to deliver uncensored, truthful information and to educate – by giving them major media distribution and sustainability

Join Us

If there’s a topic you’re passionate about; you’ve written/podcasted/made videos about it; you enjoy overseeing discussions with participants holding varied points of view; and have a proven ability to attract audience to online communities (be it social, message boards, Reddit, Hive or otherwise), let’s talk!

We’ll give you the tools needed to publish your thoughts, produce videos, and oversee and moderate online discussion. But most importantly, we’ll provide visibility and distribution, and you won’t be censored or deplatformed.