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About Roundtable

We empower and unify inspired journalists and evangelists to deliver uncensored, truthful information and to educate – by giving them major media distribution and sustainability.

Roundtable provides readers the best insights, expertise, news and information on the issues of our times. The digital media revolution has exploded the number of platforms and ways to communicate -- but in many key respects, important topics are even more toxic, spreading the dividing lines, inflaming rather than informing the public. Trust in information is not something to take lightly. Low social trust in the news media has profound consequences for the strength of democratic societies everywhere.

In an era where readers are rightfully concerned about the validity and accuracy of the information they come across, and the consequences of misinformation so profound, Roundtable’s strategy of inviting a curated network of leading experts, journalists and media makers to publish their work and discuss it in a structured format is designed to elevate the debate, not just entertain audiences with the crossfire of disagreement.

While many media outlets and platforms claim their intention to bridge divides, the the Roundtable model actually provides audiences with a range of high-quality perspectives and expertise from all sides of the debate.

We aim to advance a media culture that understands we can only progress through a process that is inclusive and tolerant of points of view.

We hope you will join us as we chart a path to a better, healthier media conversation and the amazing work of our partners.

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