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Exodus, a popular non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, has announced that it will be adding a new Solana-based NFT gallery and marketplace feature to its mobile application. This 

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Exodus is able to facilitate the new NFT integration via a partnership with the leading Solana NFT platform, Magic Eden. 

The new feature will let users view, store, send and receive Solana NFTs all within the app. It also allows for easy browsing with searching and filtering tools. 

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The Exodus team chose to integrate Solana NFTs due to the blockchain's quick transaction speeds and very low transactions costs.

JP Richardson, the CEO and co-founder of Exodus, said that Exodus is the first to offer such an experience and that they aim to make the world of crypto more accessible.

"We are the first to offer a native, in-app experience of buying and selling NFTs, all powered by Magic Eden. NFTs are an exciting new opportunity and asset class, and we are eager to help our customers streamline buying, selling, and storing their NFTs as this space continues to grow," said Richardson. "Our new NFT Gallery aims to make the world of crypto more accessible to all Exodus customers without leaving their wallets."

This news comes shortly after Exodus announced the integration of the crypto sports betting platform, SportX, to its platform. Exodus has continued to expand the platform's offerings and now allows its users to integrate various other applications into their wallets including the FTX exchange and Compound Finance.