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Niftify, an NFT platform where users can create, buy, sell, and swap digital collectibles, has announced the launch of its platform in the US and the partnership with the Polygon network, an Ethereum layer two that uses secondary chains alongside Ethereum allowing for far faster and cheaper transactions. 

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In its announcement, the company also notes that it has partnered with Bittrex Global, a digital assets exchange, to "foster Niftify's innovation to new users."

Bruno Ver, the co-founder and CEO of Niftify, talked about the news and said that the company envisions a future where creators and fans are connected and that they want to make the metaverse more accessible. 

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"At Niftify, we envision a future where creators connect directly with their fans around the world. We want to bring the metaverse to the people and make it as accessible as possible," said Ver. "Expanding into the U.S. and enhancing platform functionality by meaningfully reducing the cost of minting and transacting for our creators helps us make our vision and goals a reality."

Niftify also announced three new NFT drops. One on Christmas day called the Niftify Christmas Drop, one from the actor and rapper Ice-T, and another called Pink Slip. The Pink Slip drop will be a series of NFTs featuring NFT versions of celebrities' cars. 

Each of the drops is set to take place between Christmas day and the 16th of January.