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The Roundtable: How PRS Fest Brought NFTs to the Masses

The pioneering music festival integrated Web3 education into its lineup.

A panel of creators joined Roundtable to discuss NFTs and social change.

Audrey De Leon, who was part of the team behind the PuertoRockSteady music festival, explains how producers integrated NFTs into the program.

"This last Memorial Day weekend, we got to drop the PRS Fest NFT. That was launched in the middle of a Black Eyed Peas concert so that we could have that crowd," she says.

She adds that festival organizers sought to educate the public about NFTs and social impact.

"We listed all the utilities on the biggest screen, and the main one is having a utility that promotes social goods," she explains. 

"We have a mobile device that will go to shelters that support people who are enduring domestic abuse. Having a practical tool in someone's hands that they can use for safety measures to bridge the digital divide."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Audrey De Leon, Crypto Space Creative

Mo Gallegos, Digital Asset Educator

Bianca Montoya, Artist, Influencer, Founder of The Unusual G's NFT Collection

Richard Colón a.k.a. Crazy Legs, Hip Hop Pioneer, President, Rock Steady Crew