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The Interview: The Tokenization of Social Media

A blockchain-based network could allow normal people to receive the value of their content.

NFTs have become most well-known as pieces of collectible digital art, but as creators continue to experiment with the applications of non-fungible tokens, the world of NFTs is growing more diverse and complex. Crystal Rose Pierce, the founder of Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery in San Juan, joined Roundtable to discuss the next generation of NFT applications and who is leading the way.

Pierce foresees the future social media following the horizontal ethos of the blockchain.

"I am praying for a decentralized social network, meaning one that's owned by the creators or that's more fair. I've been for years wanting people to be able to get the value out of their data and their time and their contributions," she says.

She adds that Twitter has been ahead of the curve with NFT integration.

"They're charging for accounts where you add an NFT avatar, but as part of that, you get bonuses," she explains. 

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"And I think that's the beauty of NFTs. NFTs are art with a purpose and art with perks."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Crystal Rose Pierce, Founder, Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery