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The Roundtable: Advice for Women in Web3

The space offers opportunities for new investors.

A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the current state of the financial markets. In this segment, they talk about the and challenges for women in crypto.

Alyssa Jordan notes that crypto can be an accessible option for women new in investing.

"This creates a different way to educate women who may feel intimidated by investing. It provides a real platform for education and understanding the importance and significance of it from a long term perspective in a little bit, bit more of an accessible way," she says. 

"It takes money to do this, but you can also take small amounts of money and end up doing some really big things, whereas sometimes with the stock market and other types of investing, it's just not feasible or accessible."

Julie Lamb encourages women in the Web3 space to take initiative.

"If you're someone who comes in and says, I'm a woman and I deserve for someone to listen to me, then put the time in, go into Twitter spaces, pay attention, read the dailies. Invest in yourself, build your own project and then come to it with your own perspective and make that happen."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Marc LoPresti, Managing Director, Moneta Advisory Partners

Julie Lamb, Founder, NFT-VIP

Alyssa Jordan, Tech Firm Chief Compliance Officer