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The Roundtable: Retail Crypto Dreams—and Reality

The current downturn has again highlighted risks to retail investors and small traders.

A group of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the May 2022 crypto crash. In this segment, Rob Wolff discusses retail crypto investing.

Rob Wolff says that many people are enticed into the space by rumors that they can become wealthy quickly. 

"What's out there is [this idea] that you can get rich quick," he says. 

"You can be a Dogecoin millionaire. People are being fed these lies. What they really need is mentorship if they're going to do these types of trades."

Watch the full discussion below:

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Roundtable Guests:

Adrian Baschuk, EP, Crypto Banter

Jon Najarian, CNBC Contributor

Rob Wolff, Creator,

Alex Johnson, Co-Founder and CRO, Velvet