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The Roundtable: Morals in the Metaverse

Who will create the ethical frameworks for a thriving Web3 ecosystem?

A panel of commentators joined Roundtable to discuss sexual harassment, abortion, and other current hot-button issues. In this segment, Dr. Sarah Manski discusses law and ethics in the metaverse. 

"There is no democracy in digital spaces right now," notes Manski. "They're controlled by the platform owner and not the users." 

But, she says, the decentralization tendencies of "distributed ledgers and crypto and the metaverses and the spatial web will mean that we, as community members can get together and write the laws for our own unique community." 

She continues, "There won't just be one set of laws. It'll probably be each community decides what's acceptable." 

"And in some you can, you know, kill people. And in some you can't."

Watch the full discussion below:

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Roundtable Guests:

Tracy Hoyos Lopez, Attorney, Former Prosecutor

Joy Villa, #1 Billboard Charting Singer, Actress, Producer

Michael Loftus, Host, The Loftus Party Podcast

Dr. Sarah Manski, Professor of Business and Global Affairs, George Mason University