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Prof. Richard Wolff joins Sabby to discuss the effects of capitalism. He explains the moment he first realized that capitalism was problematic; something he realized at a very young age.

Sabby and Prof. Wolff question the current federal minimum wage in the United States and explore if the fight for $15, is actually enough for most Americans in 2021. Prof. Wolff explains, what the federal minimum wage be in 2021 to adjust for inflation.

Prof. Richard Wolff also discusses the problem with gentrification and how it actually began several decades ago; and went almost unnoticed, until recently. 

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Prof. Wolff also gives advice for Millennials and Gen Z groups in about the future of the United States economy. What should young people do right now, to ensure that they will not have to continue to struggle in the future? Will the United States remain the wealthiest country in the world? Has capitalism, run it's course? They'll answer these questions and more.